D a n - I v a n c i c (.com)
M.A. Human Computer Interaction
SUNY Oswego Oswego, NY

September 2010 → May 2012

I chose the Human Computer Interaction Program in order to migrate into the Computer Science and Technology field while still retaining value from my education and interest in psychology. I enjoyed the program and subject matter which has a strong focus on design, usablity, user testing, programming, technical knowledge, project manangement, and writing and communicating ideas.

I completed many projects in two years of the program. A few examples that stand out are

  • An experiment I conducted ultimately titled "A Virtual Perspective : Measuring Engagement and Perspective in Virtual Art Galleries" which gained publication in 2015
  • An experiment I designed and conducted to measure the effectiveness of the CBT (computer-based training) materials used to teach mine safety and navigation at the NIOSH center I would internship at.
  • A data-visualization I constructed to explain the convoluted and extensive lore behind the Elder Scrolls videogame series

In addition to the course work, I also served as a Graduate Assistant in two departments and as a Research Assistant.

B.A. Psychology with Cognitive Science
SUNY Oswego Oswego, NY

September 2004 → May 2009

I majored in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science as I quickly became more interested in the hard-science of psychology which included subjects such as neural networks and neurology.

I earned the distinction of Magna Cum Laude and maintained a scholarship and high GPA throughout. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and minor in Cognitive Science.

During my Sophomore year I served as a research assistant managing participants and collecting data for a linguistics study to catalog regional dialects. In my Junior year I served as a Teaching Assistant for the core psychology research methods course.