D a n - I v a n c i c (.com)
Owner / Freelance
Eudaemonia LLC Rochester, NY

January 2014 → Present

I started Eudaemonia as a way to accept contract work and enable me to pursue my own ideas, products, and services.

The projects I have completed include:

  • Large scale report generation from normalized databases
  • UX Interfaces and Forms
  • Interactive marketing materials
  • 'Interactive Multimedia Kiosk' web applications for on-location event marketing and customer engagement
  • Custom site designs
  • Server setup, management and repair
  • Extensive Magento and Wordpress development

Internally, I have developed and designed both a web/home-server data management system and a home-automation platform utilizing micro-controllers and optional server.

Web Developer/Designer
Citigroup Amherst, NY

September 2015 → December 2015

I accepted this job contractually in order to experience direct employment in a corporate environment as opposed to solely doing freelance work. I enjoyed working as a member of the web team in addition to completing solo projects. I returned to freelance work as I felt my skills and career were not being adequately advanced in the direction I desired.

  • Utilized CMS and Regular Expressions to make sitewide changes
  • Designed user-facing pages, forms and emails for high value clients
  • Met novel design challenges while adhering to company branding and procedures
  • Worked as a member of a team to coordinate efforts and maintain revision history, resources and code
Usability and Experience Design Intern
NIOSH Pittsburgh, PA

June 2012 → September 2012

After my M.A. degree I was awarded an internship at a NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) Research Center to work with a 360° six projector stereoscopic virtual reality room used for mine safety and rescue training simulations and research.

The internship gave me the freedom to select my own projects and work with a number of staff.

  • Redesigned the VR room control scheme and built an effective one-handed control device using a smooth tracking air-mouse fitted with a working Xbox 360 controller joystick
  • Created less intrusive reticules for targeting inside the simulator application to increase immersion
  • Worked on tracking solutions inside the simulator which had not yet been implemented
  • Interfaced sensors into an Android application using a micro-controller for a separate project to monitor mine worker positions and gas concentrations
Graduate Assistant & Research Assistant
SUNY Oswego Oswego, NY

September 2010 → May 2012

Graduate Assistant

I worked concurrently for two college departments: the 'Institute for Global Engagement' and 'Research and Individualized Student Experiences'

  • Built both department websites and created content
  • Created brochures, marketing materials and official certificates
  • Conducted a statistical review of student involvement in research across a five year period
  • Created a wiki-style website to facilitate faculty collaboration and knowledge-sharing about experiences abroad

Research Assistant

I worked for the Psychology department in the 'Learning and Emotion Lab'

  • Programmed the 'Java Affect Map' research tool for measuring participants affect and activation
  • Presented Java Affect Map at SUNY Oswego Quest (research presentations week) and made the program available for student research
  • Analyzed chair pressure-sensor data using Data Mining techniques to recognize posture positions
  • Received a Summer Scholars stipend and presented Java Affect Map at Summer Scholars conference