D a n - I v a n c i c (.com)
Audubon Information Kiosk


HTML5 & CSS3 Javascript & jQuery PHP Usability Design Wordpress

This is a touchscreen kiosk built for the Audubon Society to enable them to display articles, images, videos, maps and external websites all within a cleanly branded touchscreen housed within a museum-style static display board. It is built to enable simple updating of content and page hierarchy without requiring technical knowledge. It was installed in May 2016 at the Audubon Society near the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge in Central New York.
The display is designed to be seen at 1920x1080 resolution although adapts to various screen sizes. It is used in conjunction with browser kiosk plugins requiring credentials to do anything other than stay on the site in fullscreen.

Web-based Resume


HTML5 & CSS3 Javascript & jQuery PHP Usability Design

This resume was designed to showcase a compact yet detailed overview of my skills and experience in an accessible format. The design, code, concept, and interactivity features are created by me using Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 animations.

Data Repository
Data Repository Gallery

2013, 2014 & 2015

HTML5 & CSS3 PHP MySQL Javascript & jQuery Usability Design General Programming Principles

This is my ambitious personal/company project. The concept is to provide a single mechanism to file and organize all personal data in one place to optimize future retrieval and organization while minimizing clutter and lost data. Images, recipes, notes, resources, videos, music, events, locations of objects, etc. It is designed to be extensible by allowing users to create their own terms and data structures in a user friendly way that is inherent to functionality. It enables powerful and easy organization by utilizing set theory and neural network principles.

Web-Controlled Lighting
Light Control Interface

2013, 2014 & 2015

Micro-Controllers Networking General Programming HTML5 & CSS3 PHP
This project allows me to control lighting and switches via a webpage using networked micro-controllers, shift registers and relays. It is relatively easy to install and setup for the benefits it offers and is highly extensible.


Wordpress HTML5 & CSS3 Javascript & jQuery PHP

This is a relatively simple website I designed in order to provide Eudaemonia.net a web presence and display the currently available services. It is a custom designed Wordpress theme.

Full Width Design Narrow Design Narrow Design

May 2015

Wordpress HTML5 & CSS3 Javascript & jQuery PHP

This was a Wordpress website I designed as a custom theme based on a provided image. It matches almost exactly the template and is further designed with a reactive layout for small mobile devices.

Video Gallery Kiosk Display
Full Width Design

January 2015

HTML5 & CSS3 Javascript & jQuery PHP IIS Servers

This is a project designed to meet specific requirements in playing promotional and informational videos on a fullscreen interactive display.

The videos automatically play and loop in sequence and can be jumped between by clicking on the icon tiles. The page goes fullscreen automatically and remains in fullscreen permanently by use of the screenfull.js library and managing events that would otherwise take it out of fullscreen. The videos cannot be paused or stopped as that was part of the design requirements.

As part of the project I also remotely configured two IIS servers to serve as the mobile event kiosks.

Patience Brewster

2014 & 2015

Magento MySQL Javascript & jQuery HTML5 & CSS3 PHP LAMP Servers Usability Design

I did an extensive amount of customizations and features to this site including complex shipping setup, extension management and manipulation, MVC flow, custom modules, forms, custom theme design, interactivity features, debugging, and building custom scripts to manipulate the product catalog and images. I learned Magento specifically for this project and was able to pick it up quickly and effectively.

It has since been redesigned external to the firm I was working on behalf of. The site I am responsible for is available via the link.

Employee Health Report Generation
Data Export Page

March - April 2014

PHP MySQL Javascript & jQuery HTML5 & CSS3

This was a project for an employee fitness and health management company that desired multiple detailed report formats for their clients employees. I developed form controls to select the type of report to generate with a preview of its layout and contents as well as configurable details and date range. I wrote all the code used to retrieve the applicable data from the normalized database and generate the reports into a .csv download.

Virtual Art Gallery Publication

February - May 2011

Research Design Usability Design Writing

This is a paper written for a project course (half-thesis) in my M.A. degree that was eventually published under the title 'A Virtual Perspective: Measuring engagement and perspective in virtual art galleries'. It discusses factors relating to immersion and experience of digital art through different mediums and interaction methods and includes a research experiment I conducted using mixed trials and methods of interaction.

Java Affect Map


Java Graphic Design - GIMP

This is a research prompting tool I created for the Learning and Emotion Lab at SUNY Oswego. It is an automated prompting program that displays the 'Affect Map' used for self-reports of participant affect and activation. It includes additional options for the prompting interval, variations for which interface to be used, whether to play a chime and where to save the resulting .csv file.

Eudaemonia Logo
Base Image Resource Cyan Design Cyan Textured Design Green Textured Design Green Textured Design Green Textured Design

May 2015

Graphic Design - GIMP

A basic example of photo editing and graphic manipulation. I used a photo image of a Eudaemonia Brachyura moth and transformed it into a suitable logo image using paths, reflection, blur filters, freehand design, and other techniques.

Soap Recipe Maker

Q4 2012


This is a personal project that enables quality soap to be made out of essentially any workable combination of oils. Using the constituent molecular-chain oil percentages for common oils it constructs recipes possessing soap characteristics that fall within a user-defined range.

Although only employed for personal use, it works very well and greatly simplifies creating new functional soap recipes.